Short Installation instructions

How to get RABBITS

RABBITS is available as a git repository which contains, among others, a modified version of QEMU. The git repository is git://tima-sls.imag.fr/Rabbits.git, so to fetch the framework locally just run:

This will fetch all necessary sources including the modified QEMU sources, a set of hardware component models in SystemC/TLM and some example platforms.

How to build RABBITS

As we do not modify SystemC, you need to use your own installation of SystemC and indicate its location in an environment setting file. Then, launching the install.sh script builds all necessary components.

How to run RABBITS

You need to build a virtual platform (or use one of the example ones in the platforms directory), by running make in the appropriate directory. Beforehand, you will have to source the environment file called rabbits_env found in the root directory of the project. In the example platforms, trial software stacks are provided in the soft directory. You will find in it a script named build_soft.sh to build this complete software stack. Beware that you will need to update and source the environment file soft_env that can be found in the soft directory of the platform.

To cross-compile the software for the target processor(s) of the platform, you need to install a cross-development environment.
You can use the opensource project crosstool-ng to build one. You can also download the one from CodeSourcery here.

And there we are !

Thats all folks