gdb connection with Rabbits platforms

It is possible to debug the software running on the platform using a gdb remote connection, as Rabbits implements a gdb server for this purpose.

The Roger and Thumper platforms simulation executables shall be launched with the --gdb_port 1234 option for this purpose. Taken “Roger” as an example, you can change the last line of the script by adding the appropriate option:

Note that although that the --gdb_port option looks like a “long” option, it is still parsed approximatively (making things more homogeneous is on its way), so there is no = after it and before choosing the port number (any number above 1024 should do).

Note that the “lo” interface must be up as it connects to localhost. This may be the source of a tricky bug, …

Note also that the platform must be launched before gdb, so that gdb doesn’t time out.
This can be done on the command line: