CP3 : Checkpoint PinPoint


CP3 is a tool, distributed as a plugin of AUGH High-Level Synthesis software. Its purpose is to help application developer obtaining context-switchable circuits after high-level synthesis phase. CP3, through AUGH interface and outputs, produces a VHDL description of an application written in C language. The produced description includes what is necessary (interfaces, logic) to the application in order to switch in or out its context.

It is free and open-source. License AGPLv3.
It is a command-line tool written for GNU/Linux systems.

CP3 is a very recent tool, under heavy development, so please be kind about missing features and potential bugs: we are probably working on them. If not, please, let us know!
This project was initiated by Alban Bourge, at the TIMA Laboratory, as work for his Ph.D.

Contact: alban.bourge@imag.fr


CP3 is distributed as a git branch of AUGH tool.
Clone the git repository from sls git repository:

Then, checkout to branch cp3:

and follow the instructions in the file README for compilation and installation of AUGH tool with CP3 plugin added.