Application Elements for SoCs

Application Elements for SoCs

APES is a software component framework designed to ease the development of embedded applications targeting MP-SoCs. It is built around a flexible, component-based architecture designed to ease the integration and the compilation of software components. It also provides a set of comprehensive tools that allow the manipulation of these components. A list of the available components can be found here .


Installation instructions: informations concerning APES installation and prerequisites
Presentation of the tools: in-depth presentation of the tools included in APES
Exceptions framework: presentation of the exceptions framework
SoCLib platforms: APES-compatible SoCLib platforms


Clement Deschamps : coordinator of the project development and main developer

Former developers

Xavier Guérin : past head of the project, developer (now in a finance company in NYC, after 2 years at IBM TJ Watson, USA)

Alexandre Chagoya : developer, (now doing parallel computing in a startup in Grenoble)

Nicolas Fournel: developer and maintainer, (now on leave from the university, working in a statup in Grenoble)