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Direct links to gitweb

  • General : list of SLS’ general repositories
  • APES : list of the component included in the APES framework
  • Applications : list of SLS’ applications (compatible or not with the APES framework)
  • RABBITS : list of the components related to the RABBITS framework
  • Addax : list of projects related to the Addax driver generation framework
  • NocGen
  • Qemu : list of projects related to Qemu
  • Float2Fixed: semi-automatic backend tool for converting floating point algorithms to fixed point ones.
  • AUGH: SLS team’s HLS tool (CP3 is a branch of AUGH)

Application Elements for SoCs

APES is a software component framework designed to ease the development of embedded applications targeting MP-SoCs. It is built around a flexible, component-based architecture designed to ease the integration and the compilation of software components. It also provides a set of comprehensive tools that allow the manipulation of these components.

RABBITS is an environment for fast and accurate MPSoC simulation. It allows to execute truly parallel software on multiprocessor platforms at a high simulation speed and includes annotations for software performance and energy estimations. The cornerstone of the framework is the integration of a binary translation engine and a Transaction Level (TLM) event driven simulator. RABBITS can be use to perform complex hardware/software design space exploration as it boots a Linux kernel is a reasonable time.
SoCLib Components

Hardware components compatible with the SoCLib SystemC simulation library.

Library of Ruby code to parse IP-XACT description into a data-structure. Useful if you wish to build some tool making use of this now widespread format in the Design Automation community.

Driver generation framework, currently targetting DNA-OS driver but clearly not usable as such today. Proposed here only as an example

Network-on-Chip generation framework
This project regroups all modifications made to QEMU by the SLS Team.
Float2Fixed is a semi-automated tool for converting floating point algorithm to fixed point one. The tool is implemented as a new pass of the LLVM framework.

Hardware manager for reconfigurable hardware, WIP