Open positions

As of sept 1st, 2019, we have two open positions in the group:

  • One (1) year post-doc position (PhD needed) to work on design and implementation of low cost and high energy efficiency hardware accelerators for machine learning. The end goal of the research is to design a neural network suited to high-throughput and low latency identification of faulty packages in semi-conductor manufacturing, but the path to that is quite open.
    The required skills are:

    • knowlegde of the AI frameworks used for learning, and AI learning strategies
    • hacker level VHDL/Verilog/Chisel programming and FPGA (Xilinx) tools usage,
    • good C programming capabilities.
  • One (1) year research engineer position (Engineering or MSc degree required) to work on the hardware, transistor level implementation, of an accelerator for ternary neural networks.
    • some knowledge of AI and digital neural network architectures
    • good knowledge of digital design and implementation
    • CMOS transistor level behavior understanding, e.g. spice and the like

The income is fixed on national pay grid and depends on the diploma of the candidate.
Contact Frédéric Pétrot <> for details.