Application-oriented design technology for micro and nano electronics has become a very important success factor for European micro and nano Electronics companies and will be looked at in its full range. Exhaustive research and development in this area has been supported by CATRENE and local governments through the past years. Latest results and exciting highlights from CATRENE projects will form the subjects of this conference.


All CATRENE projects related to electronic system design, to design technology and to manufacturing topics are invited to contribute to the conference. Each project may organize a full session made of one tutorial presentation (45 min.) and 2 technical presentations (20 min. each) or contribute to a global session with a tutorial or a technical presentation.

Preliminary Programme

Thursday June 21 st

08:45 Welcome Opening
Laurent Malier, CEA/LETI
09:00 Keynote: HPC-cloud computing John Goodacre, ARM
09:45 Keynote: Challenges for Embedded SW Integration : Challenges in embedded Software for industrial applications, Eric Debes, Thales
10:30 Break

Technical Session 1 : Multiphysics design flow
Chair: Mario Diaz-Nava, STM

11:00 Tutorial : Virtual Prototyping and Power Profiling of Distributed, Multi-Physical Systems, Christoph Grimm, Vienna University of Technology
11:45 Multi Domain Virtual Prototyping : challenges for composability, Serge Scotti, STM, François Pecheux, UPMC/LIP6
12:05 Novel system level design approaches for automotive applications, Martin Barnasconi, NXP, Karsten Einwich, Fraunhofer-IIS/EAS

12:30 Lunch

Technical Session 2 : Test Innovation
Chair: Kees Veelenturf, NXP

14:00 Tutorial : Reducing Test Cost for Mixed Signal Circuits From TOETS to ELESIS, Mohamed Azimane, NXP-NL
14:45 PLL Jitter BIST approach on SOC’s, Hervé Legall, STM
15:05 Testing SiP and SoC Wirelessly : an utopia? Serge Bernard, LIRMM
15:30 Break

Technical Session 3 : Embedded MPSoC Architecture
Chair: Marcello Coppola, STM

16:00 Memory architectures in heterogeneous multicore SoCs, Axel Jantsch, KTH
16:45 Platform 2012 : Challenges and opportunities for a many core accelerator in the embedded space in deep sub micro manufacturing process, Éric Flamand, STM
17:05 A shared-memory MPSoC, Nam Nguyen, BULL
Panel Session: FDSOI vs Finfet : Impact on design automation and perspectives for applications (semi)
17:30 Chair: Denis Rousset, STE

Panelist: Xavier Cauchy SOITEC, Laurent Le-Pailleur ST-Ericsson , Olivier Faynot CEA-Leti 19:00 End
19:30 Social Event: dinner

Friday June 22nd

09:00 Keynote: Increasing importance of power-devices, R. Petschacher, Infineon Technologies AG semiconductors
09:45 More than Moore, Market outlook Analyst, Jean-Marc Yannou, Yole, (To be confirmed)
10:30 Break

Technical Session 4 : Smart Energy,
Chair : J.L Conesa,

11:00 Present and future of the smart grid, Jesus Teijeiro, Atmel
11:45 Broadband PLC for AMI, Jose Calero, Marwell
12:05 Energy reduction through LED lighting, Paul Merkus, Phillips Lighting

12:30 Lunch

Panel Session: SME Key contributors in Design flow
14:00 Chair: Frédéric Pétrot, TIMA Lab

Panelists : Franck C. Schenkel, MunEDA, Harald Bothe/Reimund Wittmann, IPGEN Microelectronics GmbH, Sylvain Kaiser, Docea Power, Cyril Spasevski, Magillem Design Services, Firas Mohamed, Infiniscale
15:30 Closing