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The European Nanoelectronics Applications, Design & Technology Conference (ADTC) will focus on electronic components, electronic system design, design automation and manufacturing topics related to Micro- and Nano- Electronics, in themselves a very important success factor for European companies. Exhaus­tive research and development in this area has been supported by EUREKA, H2020 and local governments through the last years. Latest results and exciting highlights from mainly CATRENE, PENTA, ECSEL/ENIAC, & H2020 projects will form the subjects of this conference.



Day 1, June 12

10h00-10h30 Opening Keynote: Neuromorphic computing

Carlo Reita  CEA leti – F


11h00-12h30 Technical Session 1: Neuromorphic computing

(Carlo Reita  CEA leti – F)


Photonic Reservoir Computing Using Silicon Chips

Peter Bienstman, University of Ghent, B


Neuromorphic computing with resistive memory devices,

Daniele Ielmini, politecnico di Milano, I


Neuromorphic computing with spintronic nanodevices

Julie Grollier, Thales – CNRS, F  


14h00-15h30 Technical Session 2: IoT & Healthcare

(Armand Castillejo  STMicroelectronics – F)


CIC-IT / CHUGA:  Bridging the innovation on Medical Devices

Samy Strola, CIC-IT / CHUGA, F


The emergence of new IoT threats and HealthCare mobile applications

Lionel Morel & all, CEA / LCIS-INP / IDEMIA / STMicroelectronics / SGS-TÜV, F


ACTIVAGE Secure Internet of Things Services for Ageing well: first deployment in Korian rehabilitation clinic,

Thomas Loubier & all, CEA/ IRT Nanoelec  /Korian Les Granges, F


16h00-17h30 Technical Session 3: Semiconductor technologies for electro-mobility applications

(Chair: Holger Schmidt, Infineon, D)


Semiconductor technologies for mobility.e

Reiner John, Infineon, D


TRACE: Methodology for qualifying consumer electronics technology for Automotive and Automation industry application

Stephan Louwers, CEA, F


Using GaN in robust automotive power electronics

Thomas Ferber, Audi


17h30- 18h30 Panel: Design automation technologies for Autonomous systems

(Marcello Coppola, STMicroelectronics, F)


A Smart Interconnect Fabric for Enabling Advanced Autonomous Vehicle Systems

John Bainbridge, NetSpeed Systems


Title TBD

Bernard Candaele, Thales, F


Day 2, June 13

2 exceptional events:

- Full day dedicated to ECSEL pilot line projects results

- Full day dedicated to European Innovations Hubs (EIHs)


Day 3, June 14

9h00-9h30 Keynote: “Industry 4.0- Status from research point of view”

Knut Hufeld, Infineon, D  


9h30-11h Technical Session 4:  Security for Cyber physical systems

(Chair: Bernard Candaele, Thales, F)


Tutorial : Secure automotive applications, added value of virtual keys and car sharing services

Pierre Girard and al., Gemalto, F


Secured Smart Systems Packaging

Michel Sarlotte, Thales Communications & Security, F


Towards secure, secure low-power IoT

Anca Molnos, CEA leti, F


11h30-13h Technical Session 5: Safety for low power systems

 (Chair: Frank Oppenheimer, OFFIS,D)


Safe and low-power mixed-criticality systems

Mikel Azkarate-askasua/Peio Onaindia, IK4-IKERLAN


Adaptive Time-Triggered Architecture Combining Energy-Efficiency, Predictability and Dependability

Roman Obermaisser, Siegen University


Power-aware scheduling on a mixed-criticality hypervisor,

Alfons Crespo/Patricia Balbastre, fentISS,


How is my circuit timing after 10 years of typical operation: A complete mission scenario aware ageing assessment flow at gate level

Domenik Helms, OFFIS, D




Conference Co-chairs: Marcello Coppola (STMicroelectronics), Gilles Sicard (CEA leti) & Ahmed Jerraya (CEA Tech).


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